Ejemplos de prospectiva

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Ejemplos de prospectiva

Martes, 18 de mayo de 2010, por Paula Caballero

Enric y Mario pusieron algunos ejemplos a los alumnos el día de ayer, para explicarles como otras ciudades también han planteado escenarios de futuro. Y como se pueden presentar y vender esas ideas.

The IDEO New York team believes in “a NYC without trash.” Their cinematic piece, the latest addition to IDEO’s climate change portfolio, targets waste as an area of exploration. They say, “When most people consider the environmental impact of trash, steamy landfills or smoky incinerators come to mind. The reality is that these are merely endpoints of a much larger system.” Are you willing to align your behaviors with a system that’s willing to support a no-waste future?

The IDEO Palo Alto play team cast its work in a future where the experience of play is shaped by the context of expensive electricity – where power needs to be harvested to charge toys and ubiquitous computing devices. The video, one of two from the team, portrays a day in the life of a young girl on a mission, who follows her whims (and defends her honor) along the way.

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